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LAB Split Craft Brewery is the first brewery coming out from Split, Croatia. We are proud to be among the fist to offer uncompromising beer to the people in Croatia. Our moto is to help others grow and raise awareness about craft beer in general. Follow us and help us spread the love for hops, esters and maltiness of a great beer.
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Lab Split – BARBA PALE ALE / 5,4% ALC / 45 IBU

BARBA PALE ALE is our first beer we ever made, it is also out headlining beer and a main seller. BARBA is made to be an summer ale, very drinkable, touch of zesty bitterness on top of light caramel body. Turns out BARBA is not bad during winter either!
If you know your hops, you will be please to know we are using only the best! Columbus, Chinook and Centennial are making this beer stand out. Each hop is carefully balanced to offer blend of aromas each can provide.
Centennial – Medium with floral and citrus tones,
Chinook – Mild to medium-heavy, spicy, piney, and grapefruity,
Columbus – Earthy, citrus & spicy.

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LAB Split - Craft Brewery - BARBA
LAB Split - Craft Brewery - BARBA
Kamberizam opet u Splitu... Kamber nas je posjetio u pivovari i izrezao sve prostote koje smo rekli... ostalo je samo ono 100% children friendly 😅😅

LAB Split - Craft Brewery - BARBA
LAB Split - Craft Brewery - BARBA
LAB Split - Craft Brewery - BARBA
When you see them walking your way... you step aside and pretend not to be there... #scarydudes #seriouscrafters #malaštašpopit #iđeiziđa
LAB Split - Craft Brewery - BARBA
LAB Split - Craft Brewery - BARBA
Puni se Punica, uvijek svježa i vesela!
LAB Split - Craft Brewery - BARBA
LAB Split - Craft Brewery - BARBA shared a post.
Barba je partija... Barba je ponosni sponzor hrvatske špurius reprezentacije!
LAB Split - Craft Brewery - BARBA
Barba je napokon partija! Fala svima, a posebno Bruno Matijašević Vladimir Garić Zdeslav Mišurac Alejuandro Buendija Boris Zdero Dino Saurus Siriščević Bozon studio Split Sime Simao Glorija Lizde Sandro Baraba Rade Čikeš Medan Mia Medan LAB Split - Craft Brewery - BARBA, Dallas Records (official page) i svi koji su na ovaj ili onaj način sudjelovali u nastajanju ove elegije...


L.A.B. SPLIT društvo s ograničenom odgovornošću, za trgovinu i usluge
Skraćeni naziv: L.A.B. Split d.o.o.
Ante Petravića 33
21 000 Split
mail: info@lab-split.com

OIB: 04290814979
MBS: 060336312
Godina osnivanja: 2015.
Žiro-račun: HR5624840081107493446 (Raiffeisen Austria d.d.)
Temeljni kapital u iznosu od 20.000,00 kn uplaćen u cjelosti, Trgovački sud u Splitu, Tt-15/7683-3

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